TECHNOFASE Electronic for Snow Technologies

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About us

About us

Based in Italy, TECHNOFASE offers a professional service specializing in the design of electronic systems and full product design, automatic controls and industrialization and production of electronic parts.
We produce a variety of electronics soluction for snow technologies, industrial, enviroment and facilities.

With many years of experience serving major European players in various industrial fields, TECHNOFASE offer teamwork and availability of specialized skills wich overcome the limitations found in individual consulting.

Some fields of experience are:

snow technologies;
industrial automation;
waterwork control system;
data radio communication;
embedded applications;
home automation applications;
electronics engineering.

South Tirol
Galvani street 23
VAT Nr. IT 01610350215
Tel +39.0471.500.450
Fax +39.0471.513.944

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